Fertilizer 12-61-0 Mono Ammonium Phosphate( MAP) for Libya market

MAP 12-61-00CAS NO.: 7722-76-1Molecular Formula: NH4H2PO4  Technical SpecificationITEMSTANDARDAppearanceCrystal or granulesTotal Nitrogen, %                ≥12.0P2O5, %≥ 61.0pH (1% solution)     

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Fertilizer 12-61-0 Mono Ammonium Phosphate(MAP) for Libya market
MAP 12-61-00

CAS NO.: 7722-76-1

Molecular Formula: NH4H2PO4 
Technical Specification
AppearanceCrystal or granules
Total Nitrogen, %                ≥12.0
P2O5, %≥ 61.0
pH (1% solution)             4.4-4.8
Water Insolubles, %≤ 0.01

Character: Acid charater in soil, can not use as seed fertilizer,can not mix with alkaline fertilizer,also used as food & feed additives, for its fully soluble, can use as foliar fertilzer.

Similar Specifications: MAP 11-44-00; MAP 12-61-00,MAP 10-50-00; MAP 10-45-00.

Standard Package: 25KG BAG, 50KG BAG

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