Acidum Phosphoricum Phosphoric Acid HS: 28092011

PRODUCT NAME:Phosphoric acid  Product description and technical specifications (MTDS)Phosphoric acid CAS: 7664-38-2H.S.: 28092011UN No.: 1805Dangerous Class: 8Molecular formula: H3PO4Molecular weight: 98Acidulant, quality improver, nutrition enhancerProduct Descriptions:1, Phosphoric acid is a normal ino

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PRODUCT NAME:Phosphoric acid



Product description and technical specifications (MTDS)

Phosphoric acid


CAS: 7664-38-2

H.S.: 28092011

UN No.: 1805

Dangerous Class: 8

Molecular formula: H3PO4

Molecular weight: 98

Acidulant, quality improver, nutrition enhancer

Product Descriptions:

1, Phosphoric acid is a normal inorganic acid, pure phosphoric acid is colorless crystalline, soluble  in water, liquid phosphoric acid can be easily made be dissolve P2O5 in hot water.

2, The main raw material for phosphoric acid is yellow phosphor, which China has the biggest reserve, production and exporting quantity.



Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid

Min content by wt/%


Color /  Hazen

10 max

Arsenic as As by wt/%

0.0005 max

Fluoride as F by wt/%

0.001 max

Heavy metals as Pb by wt/%

0.0005 max

Easily oxidized substances by wt/%

0.012 max




Food grade phosphoric acid mainly used as acidulant in flavoring, canned food, cold drinks and etc.

Packing & Storage: 35/330kg plastic drum or 1600kg IBC container, store in dry and cool warehouse.

Acidum Phosphoricum Phosphoric Acid H. S.: 28092011
Acidum Phosphoricum Phosphoric Acid H. S.: 28092011

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